Blue White striped

Blue White striped 2023 are available in different designs to cater to every occasion. So how do you differentiate between striped tshirt outfits meant for formal or casualĀ events?

How about styling a striped long-sleeved tshirt outfit?

In this case, the key aspects you need to observe include tshirt colour, body type, height, and the type of stripes on the tshirt.

The sleeve type does not matter much, but how you pair up your long-sleeved tshirt outfit to suit that formal or casual event.

Are the stripes of that favorite tshirt you wish to style vertical or horizontal?

Essentially, each of these stripes will flatter your body type differently.

For instance, vertical tshirts are the most suitable for achieving a tall illusion. Conversely, the horizontal stripes would be a good fit

if you want to give off a broader illusion of your body.


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Showing all 5 results