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Hidden wisdom about jewelry

Jewelry plays a very important role in people’s lives. It seems to be a touchable piece, segment, block, and work of art, But jewelry has a lot to say and related to the most hidden wisdom. Jewelry is always linked and connected to virtues and powers that are very special. It’s not about what something costs and charges, but what it means and benefits the person wearing it.

The benefits of jewelry are phenomenal and sensational. It is often sentimental and personal and grows more meaningful and beneficial to the person wearing it.  It is believed in an Indian culture that jewelry has the phenomenal power that magnifies and boosts the five senses of the person wearing it.  

Earrings: Girls pierced their ears so they can wear earrings around it. Earrings always seem and appear to be beautiful and attractive. It designates beauty and prettiness for the girl wearing it. But the phenomenal attributes of earrings are as follows 

  1.  putting-on earrings trigger awareness and vigilance. The ear is a compilation of many parts that collects, translates, and transmits sound on its way to the brain. Earring helps and assists this process forging the ears to hear even the whisper and murmur sound. It also generates alertness for the ears to hear the velocity of movement.  

necklace is an item of jewelry that is used around the neck. Necklaces may have been one of the earliest sorts of ornaments worn by humans. They often carry out ceremonial, religious, magical, or funerary plans and are also used as emblems of wealth and status.  The main unit of a necklace is the band, chain, or cord that encloses around the neck. These are most often enacted in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Necklaces often have additional attachments suspended or inset into the necklace itself. These attachments include pendants, lockets, and precious materials such as rainbow stone, diamond, pearls, rubies.  

The phenomenal attributes of a necklace are as follows 

  1.  It regulates and controls the pressure of blood and decrease your chance of a Stroke, Protect Your Kidneys, improve Your Quality of Life and increase Your lifespan and Reduces out Pocket Expenses. It also tempers and intensifies love and controls emotions. A love that guides you through all the ups and downs of life. A love that encourage you to trust all your dreams and extend your strength when hope glitters. A love that guides you to better tomorrow’s. 

Nose-ring: A nose ring in humans is also known as a nose piercing, including: 

  • Nose-jewel, associated with the Indian subcontinent and mentioned in the Bible 
  • Mola (art form), a cultural practice featuring nose rings 
  • A sign of a  woman’s marital status 
  • A part of a Sikh wedding ceremony; 

nose-jewel is a piece of jewelry that is worn on the nose. Most commonly related to women from the Indian subcontinent, this nose-jewel is attached through a piercing in the nostril. In India, Double nose gems are common amongst South Indian, Punjabi, and Rajasthani. In Maharashtra, women wear one large nose-jewel covering the side of the face. Bengali women prefer the septum piercing, indicating marriage. 

The phenomenal attributes of nose-jewel are as follows 

  1.  It is very good for physical state and fitness. It also has the ability to protect sexual and reproductive health. Among the many benefits of reproductive health are developing family and community well-being, boosting economic gains, saving women’s and children’s lives. 

Ring:(jewelry), a circular, decorative or symbolic ornament worn on fingers, toes, arm or neck.  ring is a round band, usually of metal, worn as ornamental jewelry. The term “ring” by itself always denotes jewelry worn on the finger. Although some wear rings as only ornaments or as exhibit of luxury and prosperity, rings have symbolic functions about marriage, exceptional achievement, high status or authority, membership in an organization, and the like. In myth rings are often supplied with spiritual or supernatural importance. 

The phenomenal attributes of the ring are as follows  

Vena amoris is a Latin name meaning, literally, “vein of love”. Traditional belief established that this vein ran directly from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart. This theory has been cited in Western cultures as one of the reasons the engagement ring and/or wedding ring was placed on the fourth finger, or “ring finger”. The ring was placed on the fourth finger, or “ring finger” so that ring controls the emotions of the person wearing it. The proper maturing and functioning of emotions allow people to good life and to be happy. Love, respect, and compassion, for example, are the essential emotional elements of interpersonal relations and apprehensiveness. While some emotions can get out of control and damage one’s personal well-being and social relationships. 


Bangles are traditionally rigid bracelets that are usually made of metal, wood, glass, or plastic. These ornaments are worn mostly by women from the Indian subcontinent. It is common to see a new bride wearing glass bangles at her wedding. Bangles may also be worn by young girls and bangles made of gold or silver are preferred for toddlers. Some men and women wear a single bangle on the arm or wrist called kada or kara. ISikhism, the father of a Sikh bride will give the groom a gold ring, a kara (steel or iron bangle), and a mohra.[1] Chooda is a kind of bangle that is worn by Punjabi women on her wedding day. It is a set of white and red bangles with stonework. According to tradition, a woman is not supposed to buy the bangles she will wear. 

The phenomenal attributes of the bangles are as follows. 

Bangles sustain blood pressure levels and assist the rise of blood circulation. 

  • The rise of blood circulation will help in maintaining healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, allowing your lungsheart, and muscles to function properly and efficiently. 
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