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This book is concerning all those who’ve admired The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari. Stop going through life, Start growing through life!
While traveling their way into terrifying traffic, Gaur Gopal Das and his wealthy young friend Harry get discussing, probing into concepts ranging from the human situation to attaining one’s goal in life and the solution to permanent happiness. In his debut book Life’s Amazing Secrets, Gaur Gopal Das leads us on an extraordinary adventure with his valuable insights on human life.
Are you planning to build your relationships?
Do you require to recognize your real potential?
Are you struggling to learn how to perform excellently at job or even how you can return to the society, this thought-provoking and light-hearted book by one of the most famous and sought-after priests will assist you regulate yourself with the life you require to breathe.

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CBSE Question Bank Class 12 Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (Reduced Syllabus for 2021 Exam)

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ikigai:the japanese secret to a long and happy life

The whole book guides us closer to discover that one goal becomes our “reason to wake up from bed.” That’s our Ikigai. Our Ikigai is our purpose to live.
Often the perception of “what am I doing with my life ?” drains us.
In this materialist world, enhancing worldly goals, we forget our purpose. Ikigai a book of full meaning carries us close to recover our “purpose”.
When I got this book, I suspected Ikigai to be a story. It is a fictional tale that will disclose to us the “purpose of life” as Alchemist does by conveying that “we should never give up our desires, we should go after them.”But Ikigai came out distinct. It’s non-fiction, it’s based on analysis and truth, which caused this book more entertaining and enlightening.
Beginning with the term “Ikigai” which indicates the happiness of being always active, leading to logotherapy, obtaining the current and diet, the greatness of exercises/moment of the body. bearing life without pressure. Ikigai is a comprehensive example of how to choose and breathe life with purpose.

Author morgan housel, an award-winning financial journalist and current venture capitalist, uses a sequence of small tales to describe the new ways people hold about, underestimate, and make judgments about money.
Personal finance can appear like it’s all about math but in fact, it’s so much more regarding psychology and behavior.
From knowing your own biases to the influence of external connections, in this read, we will study the behavioral facet of private finance.
How to handle money and invest it are typically analyzed queries where data and methods tell us precisely what to do. But in the actual world, people don’t execute financial conclusions on a spreadsheet.
They execute them at the dinner table, or in a meeting room, where personal history, your unique worldview, ego, marketing, and odd incentives are combined.
In The Psychology of Money, the author bestows 19 short stories examining the unfamiliar ideas people think about money and guides you on how to earn a better understanding of one of life’s most important affairs.
I relished reading The Psychology of Money. The author offers some thought-provoking claims about money It’s a must-read book for everyone to know both, money and our thought process behind it.

Digital Magazines and Newspapers

A digital magazine has the same aspects, attributes, and flavors as print magazines consist and comprehend. But the advantages of digital magazines are much more extra than a printed magazine.

A digital magazine is consumed on an electronic device like a computer, tablet, or mobile. Digital magazines are more useful and beneficial for students for independent studies. It can also be used as a tool in the classroom and can be projected on interactive whiteboards for classroom discussion and activities.

Nowadays online and digital platforms are evolving and expanding at a rapid speed in every field and sector. In the educational sector where online courses and classes are growing rapidly, digital magazines can be utilized to construct new learning procedures and grasp new resources.

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Students and educators need to be aware and cautious of social media and the torrent of unreliable sources which are sometimes a threat to beginners and young minds. Many times a reader has to detect the fake information from the real one.Most magazines are popular and recognized for trusted, credible, and reliable content and connotation on current affairs. In digital magazines, contents and archives are organized in such a way that students and educators can search and use them anywhere.

Six reasons for educators, teachers, and students to look at digital magazines.

  1. Comprehensive Archives
  2. Educational Teaching Tools
  3. Search process
  4. Remote connection anywhere
  5. Group-Learning
  6. Insights on the correct resources(library)

The advantages of using digital resources in education are Diversified.
By implementing Digital magazines in early education we can contribute to student’s immense information on current issues and useful skills for the future.

what are the goals of digital magazines?

Attractive readers
Digital magazines are a great valuable intelligence resource to keep customers engaged and committed to their brands and the way of living correlated with their products and services.

Display subscriptions and ads
Subscription and advertisement marketings are popular goals and purposes in digital marketing. Branded companies select targeted customers and retain them long term for repeat purchases through subscription marketing. Goods and services are promoted and publicize through digital magazines on an ongoing basis.

Merchandising products or services
Products catalog and brochure are the popular and common content you will see and notice in a digital magazine.